Voting open 10am – 7pm 29/04/2022

Abby Pickles

Abby Pickles is 19 years old and was born and raised in Musselburgh. She spent a great deal of her childhood with her Gran and Grandad, who played a big part in her decision to stand for Honest Lass this year. She went to Loretto R.C Primary School in Musselburgh and still fondly remembers the yearly assembly where the Honest Lad and Lass would attend and represent our town.

She recently got her own horse, called Oliver, and loves to spend as much time with him as possible. She has ridden since before she could walk and completed her first Musselburgh Festival ride at the age of 5, and has completed many more since. She loves being outdoors and goes on many walks with her family. They are quite competitive and often like to get their street involved in games of rounders during the summer. Abby loves talking with and meeting new people. She works at Equikro, an Equestrian store near the airport, which gives her plenty opportunity to mention the Musselburgh Festival to people, many of whom are planning on attending various events this year.

Abby has a long history with the Festival and has been involved since the young age, both taking part and supporting others in the ride out. She also took part in the Riding of The Marches. This was extremely important to her as her uncle was the Town Crier for that year. She has many amazing memories of Festival weeks, as they were such special family moments for her. The main reason that she decided to stand this year is due to her Gran, Abby remembers telling her she wanted to stand for Honest Lass one day, and that it was a great opportunity and honour to be able to represent her town. Sadly, her Gran passed away nearly two years ago, and being in the position to stand for this year means the world to her.

 Amy Rooke

Amy Rooke is 21 years old and has lived in Musselburgh all her life with her mum, dad, brother Andrew and beloved cockapoo puppy, Harvey. She attended Stoneyhill Primary School and then Musselburgh Grammar School where she studied until 6th year. She enjoyed school and got lots of experience from her place on the Events Committee, working with different people and organising events for all age groups. Throughout her school years, in her spare time she volunteered at horse yards in Port Seton & Macmerry Stables, where she helped manage and care for many types of horses, some with health and psychological conditions. These experiences allowed her to gain responsibilities and form connections within her community at a young age.

For as long as she can remember, she has been passionate about horses, and has stayed dedicated and determined to pursue her passion as not only a hobby, but a lifestyle and career too. She has raised and trained two horses herself, something that is a great source of pride for her. During her spare time, she enjoys socialising with her friends and family, and getting to know new people and making new acquaintances.

She has her dream job at East Lothian Livery where she works full time. Her work has allowed her to develop important skills with people, horses, and business. She takes a lot of pride in the responsibilities she is given at work and always ensures she puts 100% effort into anything handed to her and has a lot of ambition within her field.

She is extremely proud to stand for Honest Lass this year. From a young age, she has been mesmerised and inspired by the Festival. She has taken part in several ride outs, her first being when she was 10 years old. She fondly remembers the Honest Lad and Lass coming to visit her primary school and wondering if she might be able to do that one day. It is a true honour for her to represent her home town this year.


This is the go to platform for Musselburgh Festival. Dating back to 1936, our week long annual celebration honours the traditions of our Town and brings our community together.