Crusaders’ Chase

Monday 25th July

In November 1936, a small group of people met to discuss the possibility of forming a riding club. Early in 1937, The Club was formed and named The Crusaders’ Riding Club. In 1949, a Club Charter was presented by Mr Clapperton to the Crusaders’ Riding Club and this is now read during the flag raising ceremony at the Harbour following the beach gallop.

The annual Crusaders Chase is a popular and colourful event with many townsfolk gathering at the Roman Bridge to see the horses and riders, led by Club Captain Gary Neill, cross the River Esk.

All riders must be appropriately dressed and approved protective headgear must be worn.

Safety Information

This is a fast paced ride and not suitable for beginners or those requiring to be led. All horses and riders are expected to be of adequate fitness and ability to tot, canter and gallop for prolonged periods over different terrain.

Any rider who is unable to keep up with the pace of the ride may be asked to leave the ride with immediate effect. Any rider under the influence of alcohol and/or incapable of controlling their horse will also be asked to leave the ride with immediate effect.

The Chief Marshal and their appointed marshals are in place to ensure the safe running of the ride and, as such, their instructions should be followed at all times. The route taken by the Chief Marshal is the route of the ride and the entire cavalcade must follow this route.

All riders under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by a responsible mounted adult or they will not be permitted to take part.

Musselburgh Festival will provide a minimum of two marshals, either mounted or on foot, to assist with any fallen riders/injured horses and we ask that the remainder of the ride continues in order to maintain timings.

All riders must wear a wristband displaying an emergency contact name and number and these will be available at the horsebox parking areas on both ride days.



This is the go to platform for Musselburgh Festival. Dating back to 1936, our week long annual celebration honours the traditions of our Town and brings our community together.