Dog Show

Virtual Dog Show 2020


2019 saw the first dog show held as part of Musselburgh Festival.

We are really sad that we can’t get our furry pals together again this year and so we have decided to have some fun anyway with our virtual dog show.

we have different classes for all our pets, even your non-furry pets can win a prize!

Please see the classes below: To enter click HERE

Please include:

  1. The class you are entering
  2. Pets Name

Closing Date Monday 20th July

Dog Show Class List

Class 1                  Pet the judge most wants to take home (non-dog)
Class 2                  Dog the judge most wants to take home
Class 3                  Most unusual/funny place you have found your dog
Class 4                  Best puppy
Class 5                  Best veteran (over 9 years old)
Class 6                  Best rescue
Class 7                  Best trick – video footage ONLY
Class 8                  Best bed head
Class 9                  Dog that takes up the most bed space
Class 10                Best name
Class 11                Fancy dress – dog and owner