Lad & Lass Nomination. Candidates must be:

  • Candidates for election as Honest Lad and Honest Lass must have reached the age of 19 by the date of the election.
    NOTE: There is no upper age limit. Candidates can also be married/Living with partner
  • Candidates must certify that they have lived within Musselburgh Council Wards, Whitecraig and Wallyford for a total of eight years.
  • Application must include a personal statement from the candidate, endorsed by their Proposer and Seconder.
  • They will acquaint themselves, and agree to comply, with the current Rules and Guide to Procedure.
  • Nomination of candidates will be agreed by the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.
  • A maximum of three candidates will be accepted for the position of Honest Lad and three candidates for the position of Honest Lass.

Election Guidelines

  • Please be aware that there are set of guidelines that must be adhered to during the election of the Honest Lad and Honest Lass. These are to ensure fairness to all candidates.
  • A set of Election Rules Guidelines will be provided once you have indicated your interest.


Contact the Association Secretary on the email address below


This is the go to platform for Musselburgh Festival. Dating back to 1936, our week long annual celebration honours the traditions of our Town and brings our community together.