Sunday 24 July 2022

The Sashing Ceremony will take place on the banks of the River Esk at 13.30 following the Kirkin’. This ceremony is still one of the most picturesque and poignant events of the Musselburgh Festival and sees the Honest Lad and Honest Lass being presented with their emblems of office. This year the Honest Lad and Honest Lass will be sashed by Alastair Knowles BEM, who was Town Champion at the 1995 Riding of the Marches.

The Burgh Flag will be presented to the Honest Lad by our Honorary Provost. They will task the Honest Lad to carry the standard around the boundaries of our Town returning it “unsullied and unstained” at the end of the Festival Saturday ride on 30 July. The Honest Lass will be presented with the jewelled riding crop and our Attendants will be presented with silver stock pins.


This is the go to platform for Musselburgh Festival. Dating back to 1936, our week long annual celebration honours the traditions of our Town and brings our community together.