The Sashing

Sunday 22nd July
The Mall
4.15 pm

Sashing 2017 (28)

The Sashing Ceremony will take place this year on the green beside the historic Hayweights Clock at approx 4.15 p.m

If the weather is wet then the Sashing will be held in North Esk Church.

The Lad and Lass 2018 will be sashed with the emblems of their office by this year’s Sasher.

The Burgh Flag will be officially handed over to the Honest Lad by this year’s Civic Head and will be bussed at the Sashing Ceremony. He will be given the responsibility to return the flag ‘unsullied and unstained’ after the ride-out on Saturday afternoon.

The Honest Lass will be presented with the Jewelled Riding Crop.

The ceremony ends with the Official Party dancing the Musselburgh and Eightsome Reels.

Presentations to the Honest Lad, Honest Lass and Attendants from local organisations such as The Old Musselburgh Club, The Rotary Club of Musselburgh, Crudens, The Attendants Association and the Fisherrow Fishermans Association will be made at a presentation Ceremony to be held later in the week.

Sashing 2017 (55)


The Sasher

Mr Colin Gerrie
Headteacher Musselburgh Grammar School

It is a tremendous honour to be asked to be the Sasher for this great town.
My earliest memories of Musselburgh were my childhood ones. In the 70s I would visit my Grandparents in Tranent and with no bypass the only route in was via the ‘Honest Toun.’

First there was the harbour where we would stop and have a picnic and pick up fresh fish from Clarks. Then there was the pitch and putt at Fisherrow links. It was there that my Dad had his head split open by my younger brother (6 at the time) after he approached him from behind and tried to ‘correct his swing.’ Aye that was back in the days when you got hand me down clubs, some of which had been shortened. Then past the Brunton and over the beautiful Esk where my  parents would point out from the driver’s seat of the Ford Cortina, the statue of David Macbeth Moir. Then it was the family arguments over Luca’s v Di Rollo and could you taste the difference between the two?  As the road snaked around it was time for my brother and I to commentate as junior Peter O’Sullivans as we drove past the racecourse.

Finally, on departing the town we would always look to our left to see the whales jaw. What a sight, and we wondered as kids about which ‘warrior’ had actually brought this home. As the years passed by, we would see it almost snap.  Wallyford was on our right and my Dad would speak of John White of Tottenham Hotspur. He had had seen him play at Wembley in 1963 when Scotland had won 2-1 and he had given me the       programme.

Since 1980 I have always admired the town and its people. In point of fact, this was the main reason I applied for the post at MGS. It is ‘Scotland within one school’ and my ambition is to reward the Musselburgh community by striving to become ‘one of the best schools in Scotland.’ High expectations and with record breaking exam results in each of the last 3 years, we’ve made an excellent start.

I continue to meet ex Grammarians from all walks of life and people of all ages who are proud of their town.

I regard it as a privilege to perform these historic duties in the month ahead.

Colin Gerrie